what is brand awareness in 2022 and 2023 the history

Brand Awareness: It’s Essential for the Success of your Small Business in 2024

3 Ways to Build Awareness

You’ve likely heard the term “brand awareness” before, but what does it really mean? Brand awareness is simply how easily customers can recognize and remember your brand. The more recognizable and memorable your brand is, the easier it will be for customers to choose your products or services over your competitors.

Nothing New

Brand awareness refers to how well people know and remember a brand. It is a vital part of how consumers decide what to buy, and it can significantly affect whether a brand does well or not. Even though the idea of brand awareness is relatively new, it has been around since the beginning of advertising.

One of the earliest examples of brand awareness comes from a 19th-century advertising campaign for soap. In a series of ads, the soap brand Pear’s Soap used the slogan “Good Morning! Have you used Pear’s Soap?” The ads were meant to make people think about the brand when they got up in the morning and started their day. Pear’s Soap became one of the most well-known brands of its time because of the campaign.

Three Types

There are three main types of brand awareness: top-of-mind, unaided, and aided. “Top-of-mind brand awareness” is when customers need a product or service and think of your brand first. Unaided brand awareness is when a customer is asked to name brands in a specific category without help and can think of your brand immediately. When customers are given a list of brands and can remember yours from that list, this is called “aided brand awareness.”

Why It Matters?

So, why is brand awareness so crucial for small businesses? There are two main reasons: First, the more aware consumers are of your brand, the more likely they will purchase from you. Second, a strong brand can help you charge more for your products or services because people often think they are of higher quality than your competitors.

Now that we’ve gone over brand awareness and its importance let’s talk about how small businesses can build strong awareness.

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what is brand awareness in 2024

3 Strategies to Implement

There are several different strategies that small businesses can use to build strong brand awareness, but some methods are more effective than others. We’ll talk about content marketing, influencer marketing, and PR campaigns, three of the best ways for small businesses to build awareness.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build strong brand awareness. Content marketing is about creating valuable content that speaks directly to your target audience and helps them solve their problems. When done correctly, content marketing can help increase brand awareness and lead to conversions and sales. Generally, this will be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Another great way to build strong awareness is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing means working with people on social media who have a large number of followers in your target market. Then, these influencers will tell their followers about your products or services, which will help your business get more attention.

PR Campaigns

PR campaigns are another excellent way to get people to know about your brand, especially for small businesses that may not be able to afford paid advertising. PR campaigns involve pitching stories about your business to journalists to get them published in popular news outlets. Getting featured in a major publication can do wonders for increasing visibility and building credibility for your business.

three ways to build brand awareness for 2024

Brand awareness is essential for small businesses that want to succeed. Luckily, there are many different strategies that small businesses can use to build strong brand awareness, including content marketing, influencer marketing, and PR campaigns. Not sure where to start? Check out our marketing resources for more ideas on how to make content that people will want to read, or reach out through my services page or Chell Brown, my consulting agency, for more professional help.

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