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At MarketingandSalesHelp.com, we want to help entrepreneurs and small businesses generate awareness and make more money. We’ve created a one-stop shop for marketing and sales resources, tips, tricks, and advice. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for years, MASH has something for most entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What is MASH?

We’ve designed MarketingAndSalesHelp.com as a new marketing and sales website that gives entrepreneurs and small businesses the resources they need to be seen by the right audience and close more sales. MASH stands for Marketing and Sales Hep. We’ll offer various resources, including video tutorials, blog posts, templates, e-books, and more.

What Can MASH Do For You?

MASH can help you in several ways, depending on your needs. If you’re starting, we can provide you with the resources and information you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently for free. Suppose you’ve been in business for a while or have allocated marketing funds within your startup budget. In that case, we can help you take things to the next level by growing your customer base and increasing your sales through our sales consulting, digital marketing, and media company, Chell Brown LLC.

No matter where you are in your journey, MASH can support you.


MASH provides practical marketing and sales tips, tricks, ideas, and solutions that any business can deploy with a decent to low budget. 

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